Mirateq® Software

Business concept

Mirateq Inc. consultants have been in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software (also known as BPM – Business Performance Management) business for over 12 years, implementing solutions from world’s leading vendors like IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. We clearly understand that nowadays CPM solutions are the key part of success of every modern company. They allow to make quick, but considered and smart decisions.

The concept of corporate performance management was introduced in 2001 by Gartner research when CPM was defined as an umbrella term that describes all of the processes, methodologies, metrics and systems needed to measure and manage the performance of an organization. CPM software has been greatly transformed since then. A lot of key features were added there like complete integration, automating data processing and calculations (including consolidations and aggregations), support of collaboration, analytical insight, what-if analysis, Ad Hoc queries (with abilities to pivot, slice & dice, drill-up/down/through the data, etc.). But there is one critical component of CPM software which falls behind other technologies and Mirateq Inc. has started working on this drawback. We are talking about User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).

In our modern world we are becoming more and more mobile. You do not need to install an email client to check your inbox, you can share your pictures and other files without sending them. You can work with texts, tables, presentations, images, banking accounts and much much more using just your browser. Moreover, you can do this from any mobile device connected to the internet. That mobility and responsive design were established only in 2010-2012. That explains why CPM software, which had started its evolution 10 years earlier, has not adopted its User Experience to the modern standards.

So, is it all about fancy buttons and other whistles to make interface screen look stylish? No. We are working on user interface which brings a new user experience. We are working on adding flexibility and versatility to CPM solutions. Mirateq® software is designed to support enhanced interface controls (custom buttons, checklists, date and time pickers, date ranges, rich text editors, file uploads, etc.) and make the interface available on any device, including desktop, laptops, iPads, tablet PC, Android smartphones, iPhones, including extensions for Android Wear, Android Auto, Apple Watch.

One of the most important things is that Mirateq® software represents a set of templates for multiple sectors (Financial, Media, Manufacturing, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Public) which are easy-to-customize to fit the needs of each individual client.

Financial features

First of all, Mirateq Inc. has an existing clients who will become first users of Mirateq® software platform. Mirateq® software is being developed taking into account clients needs which are left aside due to limitations of currently used systems.

Mirateq® software: strategic planning, scorecarding, budgeting, forecasting, allocations, consolidation and business intelligence.

Technical features

  • In-memory database
  • Web interface for users and developers
  • Responsive design (support of any size screen: smartphones, iPad, latop, desktop)
  • True multi-language support
  • Report Studio
  • Input Form Studio
  • Cell-level security